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Kotlin and Docker and Spring, Oh my!

Kotlin is a programming language developed by Jetbrains in 2011 as a JVM alternative to Java, it gained popularity amongst Android developers and in 2017 Google started officially supporting it as a first class language on Android. Until now I had only used it on Android but with the release of Spring 2.0, and the official support of Kotlin, I thought now would be a great time to try it out!

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Calling Native Code From JVM vs Go

I have been building a couple of prototypes recently and came accross the need to use native code in one of them, specifically on the backend. After debating which tech I should try out for this, I decided to give it a test and figure out if the performance differences could sway my vote between my usual go-to languages, Scala and GoLang.

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'Method Overloading' in Go

GoLang is an interesting language in that it is an imperative language by all accounts, yet because of how it is build and handles composition, it essentially allows you to write Object-Oriented code with very little difference to how you would in say C++.

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