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Richard Howard Bent-Marshall

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England, UK
Highly skilled software engineer with a passion for technology and a love of solving problems. Having over 10 years professional experience, focusing on efficient and scalable web services serving millions of users worldwide. Adept at bolstering existing teams and rapid prototyping, looking to build exciting & fun software.
Senior Software Engineer - NaturalMotion's BossAlien Studio
August 2018 - Present
Developing key features for Star Wars: Hunters, a new mobile and Switch game set in the Star Wars universe, using C++ and Unreal Engine.
  • Managed the delivery of features as acting scrum lead & release manager.
  • Involved in the creation of an MVP gameplay prototype of a new Star Wars mobile game.
  • Created UI and systems, in Unreal Engine 4, to be used within the metagame of Star Wars: Hunters
  • Managed external vendors, to ensure the correct delivery and integration of audio into Star Wars: Hunters
  • Led the engineering aspects of the audio team for Star Wars: Hunters
Software Engineer - NaturalMotion's BossAlien Studio
July 2014 - August 2018
Involved in the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure serving live games CSR Racing & CSR Classics, with over one million DAU, as well as tools & services. Taken a fullstack development approach working on both the client and server functionality for a new unannounced title. And have worked as part of a small team developing new features for the hit game CSR2.
  • Managed and mentored new team members, making sure they integrate with the team.
  • Ensured legacy titles, CSR Racing and CSR Classics, complied with european GDPR laws.
  • Worked on UI, gameplay and systems architecture for CSR2 features: "The Fast and Furious Finale", "Ferrari 70th Finale" and "Porsche 70th Finale".
  • Designed and implemented multiplayer lobbies & matchmaking functionality for an unannounced game.
  • Developed both client side and server side player vs player feature for an unannounced game.
Backend - CSR Racing/Classics
  • Spearheaded the transition to an AWS Auto-Scaling Groups and CloudFormation based system.
  • Implemented & integrated a leaderboard backend using Redis for storing player data, including the replacement of the then live systems.
  • Developed tooling and server-side functionality for CSR Racing's Events feature.
  • Involved in the design and implementation of the CSR "Friends" feature, focusing on a scalable and fault tolerant backend architecture.
  • Helped build and maintain the current infrastructure serving BossAlien games built on top of AWS.
  • Gathered and documented requirements from game/client developers in order to produce implemented, documented, unit-tested and load-tested server APIs in a number of server-side languages.
Software Tester Frontrunner Plus - University of Essex
October 2013 - March 2014
6 month internship within the University of Essex's Staff and Students Learning Team.
  • Designed, implemented, and reported system tests for the project manager and lead developer.
  • Coordinated the communication of updates and features to the project members.
  • Created instructional videos for both staff and students to teach the usage of the system.
Intern Software Engineer - NaturalMotion's BossAlien Studio
June 2013 - September 2013
Summer internship working on the server aspects of the mobile hits CSR Racing and CSR Classics.
  • Designed and implemented the Boss Alien internal authentication systems.
  • Developed additions to the suite of internal tools.
B.Sc. Computer Science, University of Essex - 1st class honours, 81% overall.
2011 - 2014
Advanced Programming, Distributed Computing Systems, C++ Programming, Software Engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms, Application Programming, Object-Oriented Programming
BTEC IT Practitioners National Diploma, West Suffolk College - Triple Distinction
2009 - 2011
Frank Thilo Award - Awarded on the basis of academic achievement.
Big E Significant Contributors Employability Award
K. F. Bowden Memorial Award - Awarded to the highest 4 marks in a first year undergraduate degree.
Mi Medal - Awarded for the best software development project of the year.
Interests & Hobbies
Privacy & Security, Startups & Entrepreneurs, Finance & Fintech, Cryptocurrency
Side Projects, Self-Hosting, Photography, Motor Sports, Gaming
English, Spanish
References available upon request
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