Software engineer with a focus on game development and scalable backend development


With over years of professional experience behind me, I have been exposed to a number of different tools, technologies, architectures and services across a number of different sized projects.

Having worked on prototypes with users in the tens to full production environments with millions of users, from products just launching to live services, I have made sure to always learn, and distribute my knowledge, to ensure the smooth operation of any project I work on.

I pride myself on having a can-do attitude, and approach work with the view that no task is too big nor too small. I love building new systems, specially when given the chance to learn new technologies, and have also been involved in the rearchitecturing and rebuilding of large live systems.


Monochromatic Monochromatic

A different kind of blue filter android app, enabling the built in black and white mode in android without the use of an overlay screen, to help relax your eyes at night and disincentivise phone usage.

Andotp Andotp

An open source two factor authentication app designed with simplicity, security and ease of use in mind.

Dux Dux

Minimal set of self-hosted infrastructure tools for developing and maintaining mobile applications or games.

Geonections Geonections

A tool developed to monitor the output of programs for IP addresses and map them to a location.

Planet Generator Planet Generator

Final year dissertation consisting of a procedural system for generating 3d planets in OpenGL based on a given set of parameters.

Professional Experience

NaturalMotion NaturalMotion's Boss Alien Studio

Senior Software Engineer

Involved in the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure serving live games CSR Racing & CSR Classics, with over one million DAU, as well as tools & services. Took a fullstack development approach working on both the client and server functionality for a, now cancelled, PvP Unity mobile game as well as working as part of a small team developing new features for the hit game CSR2. Currently working on Star Wars Hunters, a mobile and Nintendo Switch Star Wars game, using Unreal Engine.

Intern Software Engineer

Summer internship working on the server aspects of the mobile hits CSR Racing and CSR Classics.

Star Wars CSR Racing 2 CSR Classics CSR Racing

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