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Using Esp32-Cam Devices for CCTV

I had wanted to get a couple of cameras to watch over my house and make sure everything was as I expected. A couple of requirements I had when looking were being able to use them without any cloud connection, and being compatible with self-hosted solutions, which usually means having RTSP support. Looking at some commercial products, it seemed hit or miss as to whether they would support any custom firmware which would mean needing advanced networking setup to cut them out from the internet but also allowing local networking, for these reasons I decided for now to give making my own a go…

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Compiling a Kotlin & Netty WebApp with GraalVM

Ever since I started making use of Docker I have always been at a turmoil on whether a JVM language was the best solution for the job. You see JVM has a great level of support with loads of libraries a number of different languages and great performance, however this comes at a cost of a large runtime environment and memory requirements (not to mention warm up times). On the other hand there are languages like Go that include everything you need to build a webapp in the standard library, produce a small single binary and dont have large memory footprint or startup times. Go felt like a much leaner language better prepared for this era of microservices and small docker containers, that is until GraalVM came about.

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Kotlin and Docker and Spring, Oh my!

Kotlin is a programming language developed by Jetbrains in 2011 as a JVM alternative to Java, it gained popularity amongst Android developers and in 2017 Google started officially supporting it as a first class language on Android. Until now I had only used it on Android but with the release of Spring 2.0, and the official support of Kotlin, I thought now would be a great time to try it out!

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